The institute hosted three RGPV Nodal Level Sports events – Cricket, Kho-Kho and Track and Fields in 2018-19.
Following students were selected for different sports events to represent RGPV Gwalior, Nodal at State Level Sports events.

Basketball Sherin Khan
Shivam Yamdagni
Chess Mayank Sharma
Sachin S. Rajawat
Shikha Rajak
Football Chitransh Pandey
Sagar Masand
Badminton Harishabh Tiwari
Vasundhara Sharma
Handball Abhishek Geri
Himalaya thakur
Navod Sharma
Debashish Samal

Following students were selected for Nationals to represent RGPV Bhopal.

Chess Mayank Sharma
Shikha Rajak
AthleticsPragati Rana
Debashish Sharma

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ITM GOI Sports

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

New Composite Sports Complex (CSC)

The sports facility designed for the ITM Universe is a feature that would elevate the learning experience on a pedestal scarcely matched by any one in the region & State. In the wake of the heightening National euphoria in sports, greater emphasis is given to the quality of each of the games facilities, encouraging sports as not just a free-period play area for students, but a vital part of their academic curriculum and a prospective career option. On the part of the designers the task was to create a space and sporting environment which could be flexible for multi-use, inspiring enjoyment and general interaction within students and to provide a complete uncompromising infrastructure for a numerous sports and healthy recreation. Another important consideration was offering students and environment comfortable to play in harsh summers. The idea was to create a naturally ventilated built volume right from all indoor sports to interactive games : The design addresses the above issues by creating a green landscape on the entire roof of the infrastructural facilities with strategically located inlets in the direction of the natural wind, so as to ventilate the entire complex. The location of the swimming pool in the direction of the wind plays a key role in cooling the entire complex using the evaporative cooling technology.

The sports and games facilities inhabited in CSC are as under :

• Horse Riding • Volley Ball • Table Tennis
• Cricket • Lawn Tennis • Boxing Ring
• 400 M Track Athletics • Basketball • Billiards/Pool
• Foot Ball • Swimming Pool • Squash
• Hockey • Badminton • Shooting Range
• Chess • Gymnastics • Archery
• Carrom • Yoga • Fitness Center