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Art Clubs

there are various clubs of the students by the students & faculty. Some of the clubs are run by the students to keep in touch & chat on-line for discussions on different issues with their seniors. If there are enough no. of students wanting to form a club of their own interest as per the policy of the Universe, the institute welcomes & promotes them.

• Eco Club • Project Club
• Dance Club • Debating Club
• Literary Club • Theatre Club
• Yoga & Meditation Club • Painting Club
• Science Club

Eco Club

The club takes care about the ecology & environment issues within the campus and suggest ways & means to reduce carbon contents responsible for so much harm & damage to the Earth’s eco-system. A road map to convert the campus into green campus is being prepared with the help of Eco Club and will be implemented soon.

Dance Club

The club members learn the various forms of indian & westerm damces & practice to fine tune and perform.

Literary Club

It is dedicated to students sharing literary interests. The purpose of this club is to offer a relaxing and intellectual platform for students to exchange ideas, emotions and theories on select readings through creative writing, debating and quizzing. The wall magazine is a reflection of the literary

Yoga & Meditation Club

A nice space named as “Zero Gravity” has been created within ITM Campus for meditation& yoga where any one willing to join the regular club can come & try to attain equilibrium of the mind & the body. Occasional activities to de-stress the students through Yoga & breathing exercises are organised.

Project Club

Students make projects of their choices and integrate with others members of the club to make functional & indigenous models/instruments.

Debating Club

Articulation and elocution is promoted through this club. Students choose the topics and debate in front of cheering audiences of the students leading to development of confidence & speaking skills.

Theatre Club

This year the beginning of theater club was well received not only by budding theater artistes but also by the audience & spectators from the city.

Painting Club

The students of the club show great enthusiasm towards colours, forms & ideas in the painting club.

Science Club

ITM Universe has been running a Science Club for the last three years and organizing various activities throughout the year. The objective of this is to stimulate interest in sciences activities among students. The club provides opportunities for students to develop the innovative ideas and creativity.


Kronos, the annual techno-cultural youth festival of ITM Gwalior was named after cronus (Kronos) the Greek Titan Lord of Time. It is turning out to be better, larger and greener than its previous versions. This youth festival provides an excellent opportunity to all the participants to explore the talent within themselves and showcase their hidden potential. Students also get an opportunity to interact with other participants coming from different parts of the country. In-house students are also exposed to exhibit their leadership skills in the process of organizing this youth festival. This youth festival was conceptualized designed, organized and implemented by students with the guidance and mentoring from the management and faculty members. The promotional part comprises many out of the box activities such as workshops on various topics, film festival in house sports events where a meager amount is charged from the students and the collected amount is used for providing books and stationery to the poor students of nearby areas.

The competition part includes a plethora of technical and non-technical events.

Kalisthenix – The Fashion show also draws huge participation. The participants exhibit some real creative masterpieces, which are in complete accordance to the theme they are provided with.

Apart from these events there is a series of expert guest lecturers under the event Unconference. The fest has witnessed the participation of many distinguished speakers like Mr. Udyan Bajpai (poet and a critic), Mr. S.S. Tomar (Retd Add. General BSF), Mr. Varun Pruthi (Actor and Social Activist), Mr. M.D. Ramaswamy (Ex Managing Director of Dell International Service), Mr. Prahlad Kakkar (the leading ad-film director) many other have addressed the participants and faculty members. Now Unconference has been replaced with interstellar talk in which transgender Dr. Dhananjay Singh Chauhan mesmerized and exerted the audience on the topic ‘Problems of Transgender in India: Neglected miseries of Humanity.

Kronos has also attempted to form largest Human Smily and sign of Human Female Gender.

On concluding day of the techfest, a mega night was organized where prominent singers and bands perform. Kronos has witnessed the shows of Indian ocean, Arijit Singh, K.K, Irfan Khan, Javed Ali, Jubin Nautiyal, Papon and many others.

Art Clubs
Art Clubs
Art Clubs
Art Clubs
Art Clubs
Art Clubs
Art Clubs
Art Clubs
Art Clubs