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Board of Governors (BoG)

The BoG of the Institute formulates policy decisions after identifying the needs of the institute such as infrastructure development, recruitment, revisions in policy, other related academic and administrative issues. It also delegates responsibilities and powers to the Director, Deans and HODs for thesmooth and effective functioning of the institute. The Board of Governors is composed of members from the industry, affiliated universities, and experts from academic fields as per the directives of AICTE. The meetings of the BoGare conducted twice a year in presence of all available members.

Composition of the Board of Governors (BoG)

Board of Governors Capacity
Ms. Ruchi Singh Chauhan, Vice-Chairperson, SLS Trust Chairman
Dr. Meenakshi Mazumdar, Director, ITM Member Secretary
Dr. Daulat Singh Chauhan, Managing Director, ITM Member
Dr. Sunil Kumar Gupta Vice-Chancellor R.G.P.V., Bhopal Nominee Affiliating University RGPV Bhopal
Dr. Sangeeta Shukla (Ex-Officio) Vice-Chancellor Jiwaji University, Gwalior Member
Dr. R. D. Gupta, Professor Emeritus, ITM University Member
Dr. S.S Bhakar, Vice-Chancellor, ITM University Member
Prof. Rajendra Sahu, Director, IIITM Gwalior Member
Col B Venkat, Director (Faculty Development Cell) AICTE, New Delhi. Member
Dr. Shekhar Verma, Professor, Department of IT, IIIT Allahabad Member
Prof. N.K. Goyal, President CMAI Association of India, Chairman Emeritus, TEMA. Member Governing Council Telecom Equip & Services export promotion council, Govt. of India Member
Dr. Omveer Singh,Registrar, ITM University Member
Mr. Ajay Khatri, CFAO, ITM University Member
Mr. Ravindra Dayal, Consultant Maruti Udyog Ltd. Gurugram Member
Mr. Asish Vaish, MD, Precision Systems, Bhopal Member
Mr. Sajal Agrawal, Director, Invert Sugar Pvt.Ltd. Malanpur Distt Bhind Member
Mr. Bhagyesh Choubey Director, Risk Division Credit Suisse, Singapore Member
Dr. C P Verma, The Regional officer (Ex-officio) AICTE Bhopal. Nominee of AICTE
The Director of Technical Education (Ex-officio), Govt. of MP, Bhopal. Nominee of State Government.
Dr. Rishi Soni, Professor and HOD Dept. of CSE/IT Faculty Nominee
Mr. Akansh Jain, Assistant Professor and AHOD Dept. of CE Faculty Nominee

Functions of the Governing Bodies:

All policy decisions are taken by the BoG to ensure the smooth functioning of the institute. A few of them are as follows:

  • To set and monitor the mission of the institute, purpose, priorities and strategies within the boundaries of the organization’s constitution.
  • Framing various policies and regulations, followed by approving the time-to-time amendments made in the interest of the stakeholders of the institution.
  • Providing the facilities or equipment for the development of the institution.
  • Approve the development of the infrastructure, allocation of the budget, and recommendation of the recruitment committee.
  • Approving the quality strategy of the institution to enhance the outcome of the purpose of education. The quality strategies are themselves an outcome of the audits, student council meetings, and departmental advisory board meetings.
  • Approving annual estimates of income and expenditure.
  • Establishing a framework for the pay and conditions of service for faculty and other staff.
  • To approve continuation and suspension of any courses of the institute
  • Ratification of the decisions taken between the half-yearly meetings of the governing body. A few such decisions are appointment/resignation, admission of students, faculty development programs, seminars, and technical festivals.
  • Any other relevant matters.
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